Speaking at PreBett London 2017

I just returned from PreBett in London after being invited there to give a talk about my thoughts on the future of technology and education based on my last master thesis “Digitisation in public education”. Michael Bang wrote a humbling recommendation about the talk on my linkedin profile.

The one-day conference was packed with interesting presentations and different examples of integrating technology and learning environments, and I especially enjoyed how many teachers and school leaders attended to broaden their horizon about new nicheproducts as well as the big megatrends influencing educational technology (for better and sometimes for worse).

It was a pleasure to be there and an honour to be invited and be able to share my ideas and recommendations with practitioners.

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Sustainable Brands Conference

These last few days I’ve spent (almost) every waking moment at the Radisson Blue hotel in Copenhagen attending and helping facilitate Sustainable Brands’ yearly conference.

Business leaders, sustainability directors, experts and journalists flew in from all over the world to be part of the three-day event that sought to share ideas, knowledge and experiences with efforts to combine sustainability and business.

When I wasn’t running between talks to catch as many golden insights as possible, I was overseeing the wonderful volunteers that helped make the entire event run flawlessly.

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Introducing podcasts to SCENARIO Magazine

I've been part of the A-team behind SCENARIO Magazine for a couple of months now, and my passion about transforming media formats and especially podcasts has not gone unnoticed. So even though I am taking some time off to finish my studies and my last master thesis after the summer, I will continue to be affiliated with the magazine on a freelance basis overseeing the new review section.

Here I will recommend my favourite books, blogs and (obviously) podcasts on a bimonthly basis. In the first edition, SCENARIO 2016:3, you can read about my thoughts on podcasts as an increasingly popular format for slow-pace entertainment and news, as well as a thorough review of the amazing podcast Invisibilia from NPR. 

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IKEA x SPACE10 Workshop

This week SPACE10 invited me to help facilitate a guided tour and workshop for members of IKEA's top management in Copenhagen. The topic of the day was "Future Meeting Places", where different groups of people were introduced to spots and physical spaces around the city that all represent great understanding for human interaction and emerging needs for people living in the city today and in the future. My group and I explored the future of offices and co-working offices and helped identify key elements of a great, urban working environment.

Space 10 is rapidly growing into a professional and cultural hub of knowledge in Copenhagen, and I always enjoy working with them. Their approach to playful research and design is refreshing, and I can highly recommend anybody who hasn't heard of them to check them out

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