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I'm a digital and political scientist


Hej! I’m Anna. A Copenhagen-based 27 year old and current holder of a double master degree of science and art in digital innovation and management from the IT University in Copenhagen, and European society, science and technology from the Autonomous University in Madrid. 

I consider myself to be a digital & political scientist. It is the best short take on what I really want to call a digitally capable, politically aware, humanist research analyst and technology enthusiast, but which probably exceeds what normal people refer to themselves as on their resume. 

I am multidisciplinary by heart and by experience and I hold a standard to approaching every task - of both professional and academic nature - with a curious, cooperative mind and the respect for a task’s complexity. That being said, I also make it my business to get shit done and stand accountable for any product with my prints on it. 

My heart beats for developing for the future. A long-term goal of mine is to work with the future of education and being part of shaping how we correctly integrate technology in educational spheres. It is also a strong belief of mine that education should be on the top of the corporate agenda as well because enlightened and insightful, curious and creative, as well as resilient and intelligent individuals will make a better workforce for a better future.


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